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Wife Caught Husband Red-Handed “Sweating” Inside Her Friend’s Bedroom Doing ”IT”

42-year-old housewife, Omolabake Bashorun, is  begging the court to dissolve her 18-year-old marriage to her 43-year-old husband, Mr Tunde Bashorun, a businessman.who she  caught red handed with  their 60-year-old female neighbour in the bedroom doing ”IT”.

The wife said with the way things are going, she may not live long…….

“Since the day I caught my husband in our neighbour’s bedroom, he has been threatening to kill me. I caught him hiding behind the door of our neighbour’s bedroom, when I went there to pick my purse that I forgot in the woman’s room earlier that day.


“Our neighbour, a 60-year-old woman and I are very close; I enter her flat anytime of the day. On that fateful day, I knocked at her door to pick my purse. I could not enter because she had locked the door from behind; so she told me to come back, that she was sleeping.


“I insisted because I needed my purse to pay for what I just bought, so I forced myself inside the room and I saw my husband hiding behind her door, sweating.”

She said since that day, her husband has turned her into a punching bag.

“After beating me, he will pick any machete, a pestle or a knife and threaten to kill me if I refuse to pack out of his house. He said that he was tired of me and that he had found a new love.


“My screaming always attracted our neighbours, who usually rescue me. He also called my relatives to come and take me away; that if they did not do so on time, he will kill me,” the estranged wife said.

She added that her husband no longer make love with her or sleep on the same bed with her,that he now enjoy making love to strangers outside.

Omolabake added that her husband also transferred the aggression to his children, maintaining that he is no longer responsible for their upkeep.

Funny enough, the husband, Mr Bashorun, did not deny the allegation that his wife met him in another lady’s bedroom, but claimed that he went there to collect something.

“My wife saw me in our neighbour’s room, but I only went there to collect something,” he said.

He appealed to the court not to dissolve the union, promising that he will change.

The Court President, Mr. R.I Adeyeri, is weighing the available options for the estrange couple.

WOW….This matter na serious issue ohhhh…guys what do you think???
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