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VIDEO: Girl Caught On Camera Stealing An IPad; Hides It In Her Pant




A young girl of about 4 years old was seen on surveillance camera stealing an iPad, and then she tried to hide it in her pants.

She is very young, but it seems that once this girl has her heart set on something she will go to any lengths to get it.
An electronic store surveillance video has caught a girl in China trying to steal a pink iPad, and then she struggled to hide it in her pants.

The video images show the young girl walking into the store with her mother. As her mother stopped to look at some of the items in the display case, the girl eyed some items she wanted.
While her mother was busy shopping, the girl decided to do some shopping of her own.
At first, the young child looked around to make sure no one was looking, then, she walked over to a cabinet containing a selection of iPads.
She took a pink iPad.
She then walked back to her mother and stood behind her mother’s legs while she tried to hide the iPad down her pants. It seemed that the plan of the young girl did not work out as the expensive device did not fit inside her pants.
As her mother started walking away from the display case where she had been standing, the girl pushed the iPad under her dress.
They both walked out of the store, with her mother apparently unaware of what her daughter has done.
It is unclear if the girl was detained by store security or if the mother discovered her daughter’s crime.

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