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Stammaring solution

A man had a bad case of stammering. He went to many doctors over the years but none of them could help.

Finally One doctor said to him “I believe I found the reason for your stammering”.

The man asked,”wha wha wha what is my pro pro problem?”

DOCTOR: Your d**k is very, very large.The weight of your d**k is causing a strain on your lynx, and this results in your stammering. The only solution to this is to perform a d**k transplant..

The man was really tired of his stammering, so he agreed to the transplant. Several days later,the doctor called the man up and informed him that they’ve found a suitable donor with a smaller d**k.

The transplant operation was done successfully and the man could speak without any stutter. At first, he’s happy, but after a while he began to miss his large d**k, and how the girls used to love it.

He finally went back to his doctor and said, “Doctor,I’m grateful for the opportunity you have given me to speak without a stammer, but I miss my old d**k. Please find the transplant donor and tell him that we’ve to exchange d**ks back!”

The doctor shook his head and replied,”That’s im im im im im imp impo impo impossible…”


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