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PHOTOS: Couple Caught Having S*x In Public Lift

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A couple who were caught having s*x inside a lift in public view are being investigated by police.


The couple allegedly had s*x inside a lift just feet away from stunned passengers at a busy railway station.

CCTV Footage of a man and a woman have been released by British Transport Police in connect with the incident which happened in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, on September 28.

Officers said the pair were in the lift for more than ten minutes during which time she ‘performed an indecent act’ on the man.

Police report revealed:

‘A man and a woman were seen to enter the lift, which connects the station’s main subway and ticket barriers to platforms four through to seven.

‘They remained in the lift for more than ten minutes and, during this time, the woman performed an indecent act on the man.

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‘This is particularly concerning, as the station was very busy at the time and other passengers could have entered the lift at any time.’

‘We have conducted a number of enquiries and isolated CCTV images of a man and woman we believe may have important information in relation to this incident.”

‘If you recognise either individual, or have any information that could assist the investigation, I would urge you to contact police.’

A witness said:  ‘My mate saw them heading into the lift and when the doors shut you could hear lots of groaning and moaning.

‘It must have given the CCTV operators a shock. Passengers usually look so miserable as they shuffle onto their trains. They were lucky no-one called it, that’s normally used all the time.’

Source: Dailymail

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