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KENYA: SHOCK as an 18 year old boy among Four thieves Burnt to death in Viyalo market in Vihiga County- one escapes.(GRAPHIC IMAGE)

Four thieves were this afternoon burnt to death in Viyalo market, Vihiga county. One of the thieves, believed to be a resident who was leading the pack, managed to escape with serious injuries following a thorough beating by the mob. The Five thieves identified themselves as having come from Murang’a, Meru, Viyalo and two from Nyeri. The thief who managed to escape is from the area so he knew how to find his way through the thickets and roads in the village. The five are believed to have been from one of their stealing escapades as they were found in possession of cash which were tied bundles of thousands. The villagers divided the cash among themselves.

The thieves were accosted in an attempt to rob an M-Pesa shop in the market. An alarm was raised by the people and a mob gathered fast. Seeing that they had nowhere to go, one of them drew a pistol and shot in the air but the mob had grown large and unmoved. The mob descended on them, beating them seriously. Among the thieves was an 18 year old boy, who was pleading with the mob to spare his life because he was just initiated into the stealing pack and that it was his first attempt.
“Aiiii, mamaaaaaaa. Nisameheni jameni. Hii ni mara yangu ya kwanza na sitawai iba tena…..” (Forgive me. This is my first attempt. I was initiated recently but I swear I won’t steal again)

The young boy’s plea fell on deaf ears as the villagers mopped him up, put him inside a huge tyre, poured petrol and set him ablaze. The same was done to the other three thieves. All the four thieves died before policemen arrived to take their remains away.

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