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How To Recover Your Lost Memory Card (M.M.C) Password

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Do you know how to Recover your Memory Card Password? This article would explain to you, a simple trick to recover your memory card password. Many mobile users protect their personal data by password-locking their memory cards, but it gets difficult to recover forgotten memory card password, in this situation many users gets frustrated and they fear to loss their personal data from it. So just follow simple steps to reset your memory card password. You can also reset Nokia s40 mobile memory card password, but you need to have Symbian mobile to do so.

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Follow below steps to reset memory card password :

If you are using a java based or any other phone then first of all you have to insert your memory card In to a Symbian phone to Reset Memory Card Password, if you don’t have any Symbian Phone, contact your friend who has.

  1. Download and install X-plore if its not already installed. X-plore is a free Symbian file Manager Utility.
  2. Open X-plore and Press 0 “To Show System Files”.
  3. Go to the following path C:/SYS/DATA/MMCSTORE with X-plore.
  4. Press 3 under options to set it in Hex Viewer.
  5. In third column you will see a line of code like this, TMSD02G (c???x???8?2?1?2?6)
  6. Check the character between “?”

So your password is 82126.

Congratulationds, Your memory password is back

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