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Baby bursts into flames: Doctors rule out ‘human combustion’ for mystery fire saying it ‘could be abuse’

Three-month-old Indian infant was admitted to intensive care after catching fire and his parents claimed it was the ‘fourth time’ it had happened

Indian doctors have ruled out ‘spontaneous human combustion’ after a baby was admitted to an intensive care unit suffering mysterious burns.

Rahul is just three months old but his parents told doctors he has randomly burst into flames at least four times.

This week baffled medical professionals took part in a thorough study and analysed his sweat, blood, urine and genes.

The results claim although no actual cause for the fires were found, there was no evidence to support his mum and dad’s theory.

Dr Jagan Mohan, head of burns at the Kilpauk hospital, earlier brushed off the claims as a hoax.

Following the study, he said: “I still stand by what I said that there is no such thing as spontaneous human combustion.

“The possibility of child abuse exists and needs to be explored.”

Rahul’s parents claim they were forced to leave their home because villagers repeatedly accused them of setting him on fire.

His dad Karnan Perumal told the New York Times: “We’re not crazy to burn our own baby.

“Some people don’t believe us, and I am scared to return to my village and am hoping for some government protection.

“There is also the fear that our child could burn once again.”

Police can only investigate whether the incident was child abuse if it is reported to them by a doctor or one of his parents.

Over the last 300 years some 200 cases of spontaneous human combustion have been reported but many doctors fail to acknowledge the theory.

In 2011 an Irish coroner put it as the cause of death for Michael Faherty, 76, who mysteriously died at his home in December 2010.

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